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What we are?

The first international Palestinian-Israeli fund for conciliation

People's Peace Fund is the first fund established specifically to promote a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through grassroots activities. We work together since 2007.

In partnership with Alliance for Peacebuilding (Washington DC), People's Peace Fund institutionalizes the tradition of its co-founders, Sulaiman Khatib (Ramallah) and Gadi Kenny (Tel Aviv), to share their experiences, connections, and funds with competent, highly motivated grassroots leaders and entrepreneurs, mostly young, that they appraise on the field, face-to-face, over time.

True peace work is actually a multidimensional struggle. Normal fund applications and procedures are exhausting. Unlike other funds, People's Peace Fund provides deserving recipients with quick, hassle-free delivery of funds. We strive to truly energize peace entrepreneurs.

Additionally, People's Peace Fund promotes some original infrastructure projects such as "People's Peace Houses". These are guest houses or retreat centers in Palestine/Israel, Cyprus, and Bosnia, designed to allow for more, better, and longer dialogue meetings and workshops.

We use joint fund-raising operations around the world in order to enlarge the surprisingly small pie of financial resources available anywhere for the many difficult and costly dialogue, empowerment, education, and conciliation projects that are absolutely necessary to actually resolve the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Our vision for a better future

We are often asked if, as Palestinian and Israeli who serve our people for many years, being in touch with many people from all walks of life for many years, on both sides, "on the ground" - if we really have a shared vision for a better future for our peoples; can we see a "solution", an optimist view? Yes, we can:

Like many others, we believe that there is no military solution to the conflict. We're here to stay and we must accept each other. Without getting into a language of accusation used for too long, or disputes about who started it all, it is clear that the long a-symmetrical spiral of violence, fear, and injustices including occupation, exile, bloody attacks and wars of sorts, destructions, demolitions, arrests, imprisonments, and threats - all this must end. We believe that it could end only by learning to recognize and respect the various cultures, claims, values, norms of the different peoples here; as well as recognizing the deep connections of both Palestinians and Israelis to the same region; and implementing a new agreed-upon political arrangement to replace the much too long and unacceptable situation of occupation and exile.  

After considering all ideas known to us, and based on our familiarity with the histories, the people's mind sets, and the cultures and norms on the ground; recognizing the differences, the injustices, the urgent needs, and the complex limitations; we - like most other experts and leaders in the field - see that a two states for two peoples living side by side each other is the only practical way to improve our future and start a new chapter. We leave the details for others, but the details are known for years. 

Such a vision allows for the ending of life under occupation, exile, illegal buildings, and national hostilities and fears on both sides, providing the maximum - not ideal, but maximum - possible freedom, dignity, and prosperity to most people on the ground and to those in the diaspora that could return to their homeland and take part in the building of their national, cultural, and social homes. 

We need new dreams. Nobody will have the whole old cake, nobody would fulfill the old dreams, even with the greatest armies, empires, and weapons. We and others that have paid the price of this conflict and were lucky to have had the chance to meet face-to-face and understand how hard it is to "the others", know that understanding the others is helpful to come to terms with reality and to find hope in this life. We should learn to love what we have, to cherish it and give away some pride and envy, even if difficult. To see beyond the stereotypes. To make ourselves proud of what we build. To create new dreams for ourselves and the next generations.  

The future is in our hands to create it, to help ourselves. We need to invest the best hearts, minds, imagination, and material goods in order to create a good life for our peoples. Amen. 

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